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Welcome to Martial Arts Academy
Thank you for visiting our website.

Please come try Two Weeks at our school for FREE!

Pricing depends on how often you want to come, and how long of a commitment you make. Pricing is affordable and competitive, and a great value for the quality of instruction.

In 2014, I celebrate 20 years of formal study in the Martial Arts. I never imagined, when I first started, that I would ever be an instructor, or that martial arts would give me the opportunity to meet so many amazing people. It's been a real treat learning and being mentored by so many great people, especially my teacher Sifu Tim McFarland, and having such amazing students. You all continue to inspire me each day.

Come join me in my Martial Arts journey. Discover the power of your own effort and attitude in impoving your life. Martial Arts is a terrific way to stay active year round, while being around happy, smiling people. I know you'll love it - come try today.

Please contact me if you have any questions:, or (707) 364-6478.


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We are located at:
5979 Commerce Blvd, Suite 5, Rohnert Park, CA 94928
near Big O Tires and Rugworks, between Take Sushi and El Charro Restaurants

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Instructor Background

Since 1995 I have studied under Sifu Tim McFarland, a world-renowned teacher of the martial arts. Through him I have amazing opportunities to work on a variety of skills and systems, with him and with his friends all over the world. Link to my Sifu's school.

Because Martial Arts is my life, I have been able to devote an inordinate amount of time to my training and development both as a practitioner, and as a teacher. This time was even more valuably spent because I have such an amazing teacher. I find that after more than 15 years of diligent work, I have only scratched the surface of his teachings; much diligent work remains.

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